Tradition Aldea Rum

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700 ml. - 43% Vol.

Vintage rum of high expression that pays tribute to the original recipe of the first Master Ronero of the Family Quevedo, our founder, made in Gran Canaria in 1936. Its first edition was launched in 2013 with the add 1991.

After several stages of assembly throughout a meticulous maturing process, the barrels that will make up this rum. In the maturation of These rums are used oak barrels of different provenances and roasting levels. The spirits used in the production of this rum have been aged for a minimum of 20 years. Finally, this rum it is rested, for two more years, in barrels previously used for the aging of red wines, with the objective to reach its full maturity and complete balance.

Due to its aging and peculiar characteristics, more that a rum looks like very old brandy. It's a rum great complexity that requires time and patience to be consumed with understanding. Once served, it turns out very changeable due to the effect of oxidation, surprising the large number of nuances that it is capable of expressing.

Limited edition to less than 2,000 bottles per vintage.


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Specific References

Our production process follows the traditional recipe and the steps of our ancestors. It all starts with La zafra, the sugar cane harvest period, between March and July.

The grinding, the crushing and pressing process of the sugar cane, is then produced, through which the juice or guarapo is obtained.

Once extracted, the guarapo is fermented naturally, for about 30 hours and becomes Distilled, by direct heating of guarapo and continuous distillation, in Alembic of Egrott columns, with live fire from Heather and Falla wood.

The brandy obtained is deposited in American oak barrels at a percentage of 65% alcohol.

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