Single Cane Aldea Rum

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700 ml. - 43% Vol.

White rum with high purity and expression. It is a vintage rum made in each harvest with a meticulous selection of sugarcane from the native variety, White Crystal, the variety that Christopher Columbus carried out on his second trip to the island of Hispaniola in 1493, from the Canary Islands.

This variety of sugarcane, the sweetest of all, grows following the techniques of ecological culture of the European Union, in the parcel of The Camachos, a property of the family Quevedo for several decades.

This rum of high purity faithfully transmits the fresh and natural aroma of freshly cut sugarcane.

Edition less than 3,000 bottles per vintage.


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Specific References

Our production process follows the traditional recipe and the steps of our ancestors. It all starts with La zafra, the sugar cane harvest period, between March and July.

The grinding, the crushing and pressing process of the sugar cane, is then produced, through which the juice or guarapo is obtained.

Once extracted, the guarapo is fermented naturally, for about 30 hours and becomes Distilled, through direct heating of guarapo and continuous distillation, in Alembic of Egrott columns, with live fire from Heather and Falla wood.

The brandy obtained at a percentage of 65% alcohol, is hydrated with water from the Marcos and Cordero springs to bring it to 43% vol. End for bottling.

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