Drago Finest Grain Canarian Whiskey

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Where legend meets reality

700 ml. - 43% Vol.

With a tradition as ancient as Drago, it is the cultivation of cereal and the production of whiskey. The Canary Islands, the land of cereal par excellence, has proudly cultivated this food, which for centuries has formed the basis of its nutritional sustenance. Through such a noble drink as whiskey, La Palma Destillers returns to recover part of that tradition, to which it pays tribute.

With this whiskey, tribute is paid to our beloved gofio. Whiskey with a soft and light character, made with toasted wheat, of an indigenous variety, cultivated in the north of La Palma.


Typical aromas of rye and of having spent a short time of maturation in oak barrels.

Flavor: sweet and spicy with a touch of fruit, dry.


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For the composition of this 100% Wheat whiskey, unique in the world for its composition, we use a mixture of toasted raw wheat varieties, "pelón y barbilla", 85% and 15% malted wheat, "moro", from the north of La Palma.

Malting is a sprouting and drying process that can be applied to any cereal, usually barley. It is in the process of toasting the cereal that its smoky character is printed, normally attributed to peat, a very abundant species of charcoal in Scotland. In our whiskey, this toasting process is carried out through the slow and flameless combustion of noble woods such as heather, oak, beech or cedar, as well as the famous Canarian pine from TEA, which provides interesting balsamic notes in its combustion.

The distillation is carried out in a simple copper column from the late nineteenth century with direct firewood combustion. We obtain a spirit with a lighter profile for the toasted grain, distilling between 75-80% vol. and a somewhat heavier profile in the case of malts, between 60-65% vol., thus preserving all the character of the cereal, all its aroma and flavour, and maintaining the different levels of smoked notes with great intensity.

Maturation is carried out entirely in new 225-liter Iberian oak barrels (Quercus Pyrenaica) which, due to its rough and complex profile, provide spicy, balsamic and citrus notes, along with vanilla and soft starches, which transfer elegance. and smoothness to our grain whiskeys.

As a fundamental and final part, the product is hydrated with water, an element of great importance in the production of whiskey, using pure water from the natural aquifers of Marcos and Cordero on the island of La Palma.

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