Secure Payment - We use the REDSYS platform

Redsys contributes to making Spain one of the countries in the world with the LOWEST INDEX of payment card fraud. In an environment with a marked tourist profile, and therefore with great commercial activity, Redsys makes the difference and maintains INTEGRITY AND SECURITY in card payments, providing confidence to all parties and frustrating illegal activities, regardless of the channel through which the payment is made. Redsys, as the nerve center of most of the payment transactions that occur in Spain (not only in e-commerce, but in any channel) has an unbeatable global vision of the activity and anticipates the early identification of fraudulent activities in payments .

When necessary, we request a second level of security (3D Secure Authentication). All this is also complemented with a non-invasive Intelligent 3D Secure Authentication service that supports: Verified by Visa :: MasterCard Secure Code :: Amex SafeKey :: JCB JSecure :: Union Pay International Secure Plus.

Using Visa / Mastercard / Paypal

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