Constellation's Rum Alfa

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700ml - 43% Vol.

Through this noble drink, we want to pay tribute to the beautiful and world-renowned sky of the Canary Islands. We thus take a brief tour of the most representative stellar bodies of each hemisphere creating three artisan rums inspired by our passion for this spirit drink.

• Constellation’s Rum Alfa: As the main islands of Macaronesia, our life has always been related to a continuous adaptation to our environment, related to a complex amalgam of cultures in search of our own identity. Like a glow, an Alpha star has always stood out for its luminosity, being the brightest star in the constellation to which it belongs. The reference point in the sky to know more about the rest, the desired host, the strongest anchor, Alpha.

Inspired by Alfa, this masterfully crafted medium-bodied rum has been blended and matured to perfection to create a unique and elegant rum that amazingly combines a surprising range of light sensations that will invite you to discover the fascinating world of rum.

Like Alpha, this rum has been created to dazzle you, to be the brightest light in the fascinating world of rum, to introduce you to the Spirit of the Stars.

This tasty and balanced rum reveals a unique and rich bouquet of candied fruit, vanilla and cocoa seeds, and citrus flowers on a fine background of a bonfire and salty notes. It is perfect to drink alone with ice or mixed in a cocktail.


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