Coffee Grog

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700 ml. - 38% Vol. 

Spirit drink based on aged rums, sugar cane, citrus, spices and coffee, with a friendly and comforting character. From subtle notes to fresh coffee beans on a background of orange peel and fresh spices, with a cinnamon finish.

After the conquest of the Canary Islands, extensive crops of citrus, coffee, sugar cane and various types of spices were developed, including cinnamon.

In 1740, the English admiral Edward Vernon, nicknamed Old Grog, ordered his troops to mix the rum with water and add citrus and sugar. In this way, he managed to impose on the entire English army an energy drink that kept morale high for the troops, avoiding drunkenness, avoiding dehydration due to lack of drinking water on long voyages and preventing scurvy in the crew due to the lack of vitamin C.

Based on this historical drink, we have made this unique elixir that takes its idea from an ancient island custom of burning the grog. To this particular Quemadillo de Ron were added some coffee beans and a cinnamon stick whose purpose was to keep awake and warm the individual who, at night, watched from his guard post to alert of the attacks of corsairs and pirates that they were approaching the coast.

Thus, Aldea Aborigen Coffee Grog is born, a spirit drink based on aged rums, sugar cane, citrus, spices and coffee that keeps you alert on the latest trends so that nothing escapes you.


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Hot chocolate or chocolate milkshake.

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