Tiki Spiced Aborigen Aldea

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700 ml - 38% Vol.

A spirited drink based on golden rum and spices, with an intense and slightly spicy character. Intense balsamic notes were reminiscent of nutmeg, bald and allspice against a background of vanilla, coconut and cola, balanced with a subtly spicy finish.

During the 16th century, the Portuguese sailed the Spice Route bordering the African continent in the south to reach Java. Subsequently, the Spanish would do the same by sailing the ocean peaceful through Polynesia until you reach the Spice Islands.

An intensive trade of spices arises with a high economic value, highly coveted by kings and princes around the world. Spices such as cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, and pepper became a currency and one of the most coveted ingredients on European tables.

The Canary Islands, a transit area for all the trade routes of the moment, also benefited from the spice trade, which was not only used for cooking. Also, due to their therapeutic properties, they were infused and macerated in hydroalcoholic bases, generally made of rum, the most widely used and consumed drink at that time. So, created as an elixir or not, the truth is that at some point in time a spicy drink based on rum was born.

In honour of this part of history, we have decided to create Aldea Aborigen Tiki Spiced, a golden and spicy rum with a unique character that will immerse you in the aromas and flavours of the 16th century.


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Specific References

TIKI KAI (Tiki Appetizer in Maori)


7.5 cl of Ron Aldea Aborigen Tiki Spiced

7.5 cl of Ginger Ale

Orange peel



Garnish with orange peel


Fill the ice glass halfway, add the Aboriginal Village Rum Tiki Spiced, the ginger ale and an orange twist. Garnish with the skin.


It is prepared in a glass

It is served in a long drink glass.

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