Caramel Extreme Aldea Aborigen

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700 ml - 20% Vol.

Liquorice drink based on white rum and caramel, with a sweet character and an extreme caramel flavour.

In the world it is already known that we canaries love sweet, something that is declared, without a doubt, in our pastries. Delicious desserts such as Bienmesabe, Príncipe Alberto, Quesadilla, Tortas de Cuajada, Huevos Mole, Polvito Uruguayo, Machanga and Truchas de Batata, among others, have delighted young and old for several generations. And what better than to wash all those desserts with a good caramel liqueur? Aldea Aborigen Caramel Extreme, a liqueur drink based on white rum and an exquisite caramel elixir with the special touch of the Quevedo Family, which will take you to the limbo of sweetness accompanying your desserts.


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Specific References

Barraquito Extrem


Natural milk

Condensed milk



Orange peel

Cinnamon powder

Caramel Extreme


  • In a glass, usually tube but short and narrow, we pour a finger of condensed milk.
  • Add the coffee and a splash of Karamel Extrem.
  • We make milk and beat it to form foam.
  • We add an orange peel twist to flavor.
  • Sprinkle with cinnamon

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